My Story



My name is Debrina Tynisa Wright, daughter of Yvirnes and Serina, older sister to Katrina and Tessie, mother of Aubrey and Carter, grandchild, cousin, niece and friend...

But first and foremost...I AM A WOMAN.

I love food and fitness so much that I decided to build a career around it. I'm such a beach bum that after living across the U.S., I came back home to SoCal. Right near the beach.



I grew up running track. I've been competing since the 2nd grade. To this day, the sight of a track makes my heart go pitter-patter. I absolutely LOVE the feeling of sprinting down the lane or leaning into the curve. One of my favorite parts of being a sprinter was the power in my legs. The days where we had to go the weight room...I couldn't wait to squat, leg press or work on my core (that's the real power + driving force). I miss throwing weights around and being competitive. So I have decided to train to become a CrossFit Athlete. Wish me luck and I will be sure to share the journey.

To compliment my training and to work on my flexibility, I plan to also keep a regular practice of yoga. I am committing to a minimum of 3 days a week to start out. I want to make sure to do what it takes to limit inflammation and joint will help. I definitely love to use it as active recovery.



I am making a change in regards to what and how I eat. Not too much of a differences, but very much more structured. I am after training. I will eat a plant-based pescatarian diet within the keto-paleo guidelines. Huh? What the hell does that mean??

It means I will eat very clean and primal with my only animal protein coming from seafood and eggs. Also, I will be excluding most dairy and limiting my carb intake. High HEALTHY fats and low carb (I cry now for the loss of pizza, pasta, and In-n-Out burgers). There will be lots of VEGGIES and limiting my fruit...gotta watch those sugars...even in nature's candy. I am excited to see the outcome of making this change. Is this how it will be forever. HELL no! But right now,'s what my body is demanding. You have to listen to your body.



I am such a Boho Badass. I love crystals, essential oils, adventure sports, hot sauce, lifting, tattoos, traveling, farmers markets, Nikes, swimming, competing, big ass gold hoops + chains, DIY shit...and elephants...just to name a few.

I enjoy living my life to fullest and doing whatever makes me happy. You have only one life and I'm going to enjoy the shit out of it! Leave it all on the court.



Soooo I have been in a weird funk since moving back home. People would be like but you live in So Cal...near the beach and you eat tacos and go to brunch. Um. Yeah. I do that...but I also have been in a relationship for the last 15 years, I'm live apart from my boys, I have no or minimum contact with my most of my family and friends. I've been soloing the fuck out this journey. I have fallen out of good habits into bad ones. I'm not doing drugs and nothing crazy like that. It's been a lot of fast food, red vines, little to no exercise, depression, medical issues, loneliness...and so much more. This weekend I hit a true low (for me)...I could no longer fit my fave jeans and shorts and I feel like crap with adult acne and inflammation. I jumped on the scale the morning...and I'm at my highest weight I've ever been aside from pregnancy...and actually I'm 1 pound shy of my final weight before delivering my first boy. WTF!! It all ends today. I choose me...

Can we have a moment of silence for the fat that's about to get slaughtered!!!!



Ok, so I am saying all this to say that I am looking forward to becoming my own client. I am living my best life EVERY day. So here's my stats and my plan:

Weight: 166.7 lbs

Body Fat: 35%

Muscle Mass: 26.5%

Water: 47%

Lifestyle: Get Green + what I put in + on my body

Movement: HIIT, CrossFit, Dancing + Yoga...plenty of play

Nourishment: Plant-Based Pescatarian within a Keto-Paleo structure

I will be sharing my journey with you here and on social media. I would love to hear from you...questions, comments, concerns, ENCOURAGEMENT.

With this change and transparency, I have made changes to the website and the flow of it all. I hope you enjoy and come along on the journey. 



I am still coaching and educating. I am human, but I am still educated and excited to get you going as well. You will know that I have been in your shoes several times. I have gone through two totally different pregnancies with different recoveries. I have been married + divorced...twice. I have worked in corporate america, in entertainment, and as an entrepreneur. I have battled shit I thought I would never deal with...but I'm still here.

I have so much love for you and so much I have created and ready to show you. New wellness + fitness programs dropping monthly, services from nutrition education + meal planning, retreats, and so much more. Hang out with me and we will live with zero fucks given and own our shit! And then there's ICM Method! Check that awesomeness out. Stay tuned as I drop that good-good for you Boho Badasses!!



Until next time. I look forward to working with you, growing with you, exploring with you...and living OUR best MF'ing lives.

xoxo Debrina