Live. Share. Build.

Our mission is simple: Educate. Inspire. Heal. Uplift.

What if you could make a great income doing something you love?

What if you could stop working for someone else and start building wealth for yourself?

What if you didn’t have to choose between getting a paycheck and spending time with those who matter most?

What if you could truly make a measurable difference in the lives of others while having fun and making money?

Does all of this sound too good to be true?

I get it. In 2012, I was working in higher education in a successful career. And although I loved being able to help students follow their dreams, I started to notice they were asking for more, they wanted to discussed their dreams, their work-life to deal with anxiety and focus without drugs. I noticed I was sharing my tips and tricks in regards to nutrition + soul care. I still felt something was missing. I enjoyed working and being challenged, but let’s be honest, I felt like how can I transition to financial + location freedom.

I had many “business opportunities” come my way and I even tried several of them, but none of them turned out to be legitimate.

It seemed like life was an all or nothing game. I finally accepted that I couldn’t make an income doing meaningful work AND spend the kind of time I wanted to with my family.

Until I was introduced to something that would change my life in more ways than one: Essential Oils.

I started using oils to support my body in the healing process. I had put on weight and experienced for the first time "a leaky gut". What the hell! I needed help that went beyond prescribed medication. I needed to focus on me...for the sake of my boys and my now husband. I just wanted to heal myself and even at one point emphatically told the person who introduced me to oils that I would ‘NEVER’ sell them.

Famous last words.

The truth was I couldn’t shut up about them! I just knew that I had to get these amazing gifts into the hands of others. For me, it was a calling.

And the best part about it is I get to be a part of a thriving community of like minded women who are bringing health and happiness to the world! I am just giddy with joy when I think about these ladies!

Live. Share. Build.

There's 3 ways to enjoy the doTERRA Life:

  1. Live~
  2. Share~
  3. Build~

Would you like to join us?

What you can expect when you join my team:

  • Support! Our number one core value is education. You will receive one on one coaching from me and my team of personally trained top leaders as well as access to an exclusive, state of the art, online training program. This was created for us and NO OTHER TEAM has anything like it.
  • Access to our exclusive team webinars, coaching calls, and retreats
  • A community of like minded women who want nothing more than to see each other women succeed. (seriously!)
  • Private Facebook support groups.
  • The deepest discounts on oils and non-toxic wellness products and plenty of free products along the way. (Do you like snail mail?)

I am looking for women who are:

  • Truly passionate about helping others and making a positive change in the world
  • Ready to take responsibility to create the life they desire
  • Willing to be mentored, coached and trained
  • Willing to make a minimum financial investment in their business
  • Willing to dedicate focused time each week to learn
  • Dedicated to a consistent monthly order and walking the talk of a non-toxic lifestyle
  • Willing to mentor, coach and train others

If this sounds like you, lets chat and make dreams come true.