It’s Not A Diet…It’s My Lifestyle

Allergies. Weight gain. Fatigue. Bloat. Joint pain. Acne…all the things I didn’t expect to experience in the last few years. When I look at my life and the changes that happened regarding what I ate and what I was doing…and NOT doing…it all made sense. I needed to make some serious adjustments if I wanted to live a healthy + happy life again. There’s three major changes I made.


Anti-Inflammatory Eating

This involves eating plenty of fruits + vegetables. They’re packed with so many micro- and macro-nutrients. The high intake of fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, amino acids and phytonutrients are packed with anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. I also make sure to consume plenty of Omega-3 via salmon, chia seeds and dark leafy vegetables. Why? Because they boost my mood, keep my skin hydrated, balance out blood sugar, and strengthen my immune system. And I cannot forget the protein. It’s important when it comes to repairing, healing and the growth of healthy tissue. And most importantly…HYDRATE!


Get Moving

I developed what I call “Secretary Spread”. That’s when you sit a desk ALL day and eat and eat. Without regular activity…this can cause your bum to get wider than you would like. Wider than I would like. How do I combat this? Instead of sending emails for every little thing, I walk to their desk or office and discuss in person. This also fosters healthy working relationships. I have also decided to get physical the way that I enjoy getting physical and that’s through Cize. I get to shake my bum bum and get fit at the same time. Plus Shaun T is easy on the eyes! I also starting running my own challenge groups…to keep me going while motivating others. Yoga has also been big. It definitely helps with joint aches and stress relief.


Slow Down

Meditation. Journaling. Yoga. Bubble Baths. Cooking Brunch. These are all ways that I take time out of my day to “take time” for myself and my family. Doing things here and there throughout the week is great, but set aside a specific time frame or day to own as yours. Sundays are my designated days to refresh + restore. I constantly have my wheels turning and working on turning dreams into reality…that I have to remember to stay sane + healthy. Taking the time to reflect on all that’s working, on that’s good. Gratitude.

Thank you for letting me share a glimpse of my world with you. If you have any questions , please comment below or reach out to me on Instagram, Facebook or Private Message.